Jibber iOS, meet JSON.

A new way to debug.

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Jibber makes network debugging a breeze. Simply drag and drop the provided framework into your Xcode project and follow the instructions.

You’ll be able to view both request and response parameters on your Mac in real time! If you work with JSON, we've got you covered with syntax highlighting too.

How It Works

Jibber was born because working with JSON data in Xcode is incredibly frustrating. We set out to build a tool that would integrate seamlessly into all your projects and show you the information you need when you need it.

We use Bonjour to connect without any configuration to your devices and the iPhone Simulator, and Jibber works with any networking library or framework using NSURLSession or NSURLConnection APIs.

Update: Jibber now also lets you debug push notification payloads!


Does it work with AFNetworking, Alamofire, etc?

Yes, Jibber interfaces with native API at the NSURLSession and NSURLConnection level so any frameworks built on top of that would automatically integrate with Jibber’s framework. AFNetworking's 2.5.3 had some issues that led to the framework not always working, but the bugs were fixed in 2.5.4.

Does Jibber work on device or on the iPhone Simulator?

Jibber works on both devices and the iPhone Simulator. It even works when your device is not connected via cable to your Mac!

Does Jibber only work with JSON requests?

No, Jibber also displays other types of HTTP requests but we provide syntax highlighting support for your JSON requests.

Why isn't Jibber working for me?

Jibber uses Bonjour in its framework to find nearby Mac apps. This typically means your devices should be connected to the same network access point so you might face issues in larger (corporate) networks.

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